Saturday, November 8, 2014

Blue Pearl

I recently found the designer of Nicole’s cat eye sunglasses she's been spotted wearing.

I LOVE all types of sunglasses! 

As part of my daily routine, I was browsing, to see if anything caught my eye. I noticed a pair of sunglasses that I really liked. Lo and behold, they were the same sunglasses Nicole Richie was spotted in! I was so excited to find these since I had been searching everywhere for them. And for $42, i definitely couldn’t pass this up! The sunglasses are by Sabre, a Californian based brand. This particular style is called the Runaway and retails for $100. 

Check out all their other sunglasses here

You can purchase the Runaway’s in Blue Pearl here 

You can read more about my obsession with sunglasses and how I storage them, on my personal style blog: Cups of Couture.