Saturday, April 5, 2014

DIY: Fringe Tank

In December 2013, Nicole attended the Art Basel launch along side her father Lionel Richie. Nicole looked super stylish in a leather tank with long tassels by Erro, a pair of jean shorts and black pumps. 

(source: Splash News/Nicole Richie Fashion)

Here are some materials you will need to make your own inspired version of Nicole's leather top:

1) Any tank dress
2) Scissors 
3) Marker 

This DIY can be done within 30 minutes! So easy! First, I marked where I wanted to have the fringe begin. Then I carefully cut the fabric into strips around the entire tank, and there you go all done!   




Nicole's tank is leather and I could not find an affordable leather tank, so I choose to use a cotton tank which was purchased from H&M- 2 for $10. NOW THATS A DEAL! $5 compared to Nicole's $895 Erro Leather Top!

Thank you @BPanq for finding the info on Nicole's top!