Friday, August 9, 2013

A chance to meet Nicole Richie!!

Nicole Richie has always had a sense of humor. That humor comes out more than ever through her tweets on Twitter. There have been many times when I just burst out laughing because of one of Nicole's tweets. 

Nicole has teamed up with AOL for a web series called Candidly Nicole, which follows her random but hilarious tweets. The series is a short 4-5 minutes show where Nicole elaborates more on her tweets. 

AOL and Nicole Richie are doing an amazing contest for her fans on Twitter! One winner will receive an all expense paid trip to LA where they get to hang with Nicole herself! The winner and a guest will experience Nicole favorite spots as seen in the episodes. How awesome is this?! 
To enter the contest just tweet your favorite moment from the week's episode using #AOLONNicole. 

Make sure when you tweet your favorite part of the show, which airs every TUESDAY on AOL , include #AOLOnNicole.