Thursday, June 6, 2013

Candidly Charlene

I was really feeling Nicole's look from an episode of Candidly Nicole. So, this weeks look was definitely inspired by the look she rocked in this episode.

Some of you may know, I scored a pair of Winter Kate Fall 2012 trousers for $34 on eBay!! When the look book first came out I immediately fell head over heels for these trousers. But I was devastated when I found out the trousers were not available to any online retailers. I found one site overseas who had them, but didn't ship to the US. Basically I was out of luck! BUT.....
While I was browsing eBay, I screamed with excitement when I spotted those gorgeous sequins trousers for a bargain!

What you need to recreate this look:
-Statement necklace
-Harem pants
-Oversized cat eye sunglasses


Aurelle Akomo said...

My favorite by far!!!
You go girl :)