Saturday, February 23, 2013


Last year, Nicole Richie attended the 5th Annual Sunset Strip Music Festivals officials VIP party. Nicole looked super chic in her Winter Kate laser cut out skirt and Thierry Mugler black top. She also just recently appeared on "Extra" and paired this same Thierry Mugler cut out top with an amazing pair of Spring 2013 Winter Kate trousers.

Here are some materials you will need for your inspired Thierry Mugler top.

1) long sleeve top
2) scissors
3) crayon
4) paper/tape
5) marker

First, I drew the flower shape design on paper. Then I cut out the shapes and taped it on the back of the top. Next, I traced the shapes with a crayon and cut out the trace lines on the shirt. Note there are so many different shapes or forms you could use.

You don't even need to go out and buy everything, all the materials can be found around your house. I did have to go to Forever 21 and purchased a new long sleeve for $6.50.

NOW THAT'S A DEAL! Under $7 compared to $1,995!