Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Whole Foods Attire

I posted this photo on Instagram, and I wanted to see how many of you could get the correct answer. I posted saying "think back to 2009".

Belinda who runs Nicole Richie News, gave the guessing game a try:
Anna from Hungary knows her looks from Mrs. Richie-Madden, she was spot on!

Nicole was spotted at Whole Foods in West Hollywood. Nicole looked so cute in her over sized sunglasses, coat and black Hunter rain boots. I too was out and about at Whole Foods to grab some healthy items! I was so excited when they finally made one in my area!

Here is a simple checklist to recreate your own Nicole Richie look...

-Oversized Sunglasses
-Pea Coat
-Extra Large Scarf
-Rain Boots
-Shoulder Bag

Whole Foods Market is a supermarket which first opened in Austin, Texas in 1980 and specializes in Natural and Organic products.


Simpsondressing said...

You are so cute Charlene :)