Thursday, November 1, 2012


Since the Holidays are just around the corner and it is the season of giving. I have an extra copy of Nicole Richie's second novel Priceless up for grabs! 

To enter all you have to do is comment on this blog post telling me how Nicole Richie inspires you, follow Richie Riches for Less on Twitter @NRrichesforless and/or on Facebook.

Please leave your name and email address when commenting so if you win I can get a hold of you

Terms and Conditions:
The giveaway will run from November 1 though November 14, 2012.
Open Worldwide
One entry per person, no double entries.
Winner will be chosen using a random number generator.
 Good Luck!!

-Charlene xo


Kolbie said...

Nicole is my biggest "style inspiration". I love how she has the ability to make something as simple as her gym outfit look ahmazing.She constantly inspires my own style in that i love to incorporate how she wears things into my own feminine yet edgy looks.I think we just also have similar style so it makes it so nice to have someone else's looks to draw inspiration from.
I love NICOLE!

xoxo Filthy Gorgeous Fashion
Kolbie Richardson

hartluck said...

Nicole Richie is an inspiration, not just in fashion. She's a role model. She may have slipped in the past, but the way she over came those obstacles showed us how strong she was. She proved that if she can get over a drug addiction and a few legal issues, then we can get through whatever we're dealing with. She got herself together, she over came everything and now she's one of the hottest fashion designers out there!
Her outfits really define who she is. They are well put together, yet very free and comfortable. She is the perfect example of 'fashion is a way to express yourself,' becasue every outfit she throws on screams Nicole Richie. From her ankle boots to her head pieces, she knows what she's doing.
She's my hero for getting through her hardships while in the limelight (which portrayed her negatively)and she's my style guru because that girl knows herself well enough to create a style that completely represents who she is.

Michelle Garcia

Simpsondressing said...

You know that Nicole Richie is not my first inspiration. Mine is Ashlee Simpson. BUT I really do love how Nicole can make somethin really simple looks so chic and stylish. Her gym outfits are as pretty as her red carpet's outfits. That is incredible. She looks awesome even without make up. She is not superficial. I love it. And on top of that she is super funny. She inspires me with her hairstyles, and her boho looks.

Aurelle Akomo
(you got my mail)

madi ebersole said...

Nicole Richie inspires me to be fearless. She isn't afraid to speak her mind. She's so funny, confident, genuine, and so poised. She inspires me to strive to be that strong woman that she is every day. She's not only inspired me by my attitude but she inspired me to always want to look my best. Every time you see Nicole she looks fab! Who wouldn't want to look that fab everytime you step out in public?