Sunday, July 8, 2012

Action! Take 1.. 2..3..

A few of my favorite bloggers have given me the inspiration for my next post. In their posts they show followers how to wear a certain piece in a various ways. Back in February I shared with you how to wear the Winter Kate 'Opy' jacket in vanilla for the Summer and Winter season. Along with the goldfield dress worn by Tala from MyFashDiary.

I've been telling you guys about how versatile the Winter Kate pieces are, and in this post you will see for yourself.

First up Jasmine Cardi in Frankie print:

Look #1 Tank and shorts with a pop of color flats
Look #2 Winterized with a blazer, leggings and fedora
Look #3 Tied up with a pair of ripped jean shorts

How would you wear it? 


Anonymous said...

I love the First and the third One!

Love from Germany

ZimmiePie (we wrote on instagram) ;)

Aparajita said...

I can imagine how airy and light that cardigan must feel, love all three looks :)