Monday, May 7, 2012


Nicole Richie was spotted with an amazing customized Levi's denim jacket made by Creative Violence.

While I was flipping through a US Weekly magazine I came across an article on how to create Nicole's custom jacket for less. I followed the step by step directions that were given so I could create my own version. Please note this is very time consuming and takes patience. But it's well worth it in the end!
Some of the materials you will need to make your very own custom jacket:

1) Fabric dye (use a dark color)
2) Fabric and Fabric glue
3) Stencils and Fabric paint (optional)
4) Studs
5)Jean Jacket

Here is my version:

Instead of a back patch, which was used for Nicole's jacket I bought a t-shirt at Target and glued it on. Have fun with this part, you really personalize this jacket with your favorite band, show, or school name!
Jacket: Jean Jacket Forever21 $27.80
Dye: RIT Fabric Dye $2.49
Studs: Picked up at a local record shop two bags of 100 studs $16.99
Tee: Keep Calm Graphic Top $14.99 Target
Fabric: Black $2.50
Fabric Glue: $4.99
Total: $69.76

These customized edgy jackets are really trending right now. Topshop  is selling a jacket very similar for $360!
Moto Premium Skull Jacket $360


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