Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hot Flashes

My friend Rachael who runs Nicole Richie Source , based in Australia asked me via Twitter if I could re-create one of her favorite Nicole Richie looks.

Nicole was out and about with Joel at a restaurant called Nate 'n Al in August 2010.

Wait! Is summer coming early?? For most of the East Coast there were a few days of 65-78 degree weather in mid-February!! During those days it was warm enough to put on a lightweight dress.

A simple checklist for your Nicole Richie look..

  • A fedora

  • A 'peasant' style dress

  • Crossbody bag

  • Gladiator sandals

  • Aviator sunglasses

Thank you to @nrsource for sending me her favorite Nicole Richie Look!!


Mandy said...

SO CUTE! I saw on Twitter that someone called you the Look for Less queen! It is true. You nailed this one :)

Nicole Richie Source said...

Whoot hooo!!
I love this look so so much!
now to find the perfect dress. Where did you get your from?

PS. thanks for doing the look :)

CessOviedo said...

Loved this look so much on both of you! Great job, you totally rocked the boho look!

julia louise said...

i likee it!!

Anonymous said...

wow amazing, i really love it!
Where did you buy the dress? Do you have a link?

Simpsondressing said...

Your hair is just perfect!!! I am kinda jealous :)