Saturday, January 29, 2011


I asked on Twitter, "What is your favorite look from Nicole Richie?" The following is the look I received from Mary.

Pictured Above: Nicole with Harlow, shopping at Whole Foods

Pictured Below: A day of shopping

A simple checklist for your Nicole Richie look..

  • Any OVER SIZED sunglasses

  • A white tee

  • Over sized shrug

  • Leopard scarf

  • Crossbody bag

  • Fitted jeans

  • A pair of pumps

Thank you to @nrichiefashion (Nicole Richie Fashion) for sending me her favorite Nicole Richie Look!!


mary said...

Thanks for recreating one of my favourite NR outfits
You are very pretty, as always:)

Simpsondressing said...

I love your shrug !!!