Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Star in Stripes

I asked on Twitter, "What is your favorite look from Nicole Richie ?" The following picture is the look I received from Judith. Pictured Above: Nicole Richie in Australia a few years ago

Pictured Below: After a long day of classes

A simple checklist for your Nicole Richie look..
  • White OVER SIZED sunglasses

  • Black coat

  • Gray and black or white and black striped dress

  • Red or black bag

  • Black tights

  • A pair of heels, or black knee high boots

I found another picture of Nicole wearing a striped dress, to change things up a bit I added a pair of heels with this look.

Thank you to @NRNdevu ( for sending me her favorite Nicole Richie Look!


CessOviedo said...

Great look! ^^ You both look adorable!... Stripes are perfect on you two! ... love her simple but yet chic outfits!

Judith said...

Thank you sooo much for doing my look!!
You look fantastic as always <3 Keep up the great work with the blog!
xo from Germany!

rachael ann said...

ahh love this look! X

Venus In Virgo said...

Both looks are great! XOXO