Thursday, December 9, 2010

A POP of Red

When wearing all black in the Winter time, I usually like to add a splash of color. Red was my choice of color while Christmas shopping this week.

Back in 2007, while pregnant with Harlow, Nicole Richie was seen out and about in West LA.
I love how comfy and simple this look is to put together. Just follow the list below.

What Nicole wore in 2007:

What I wore:

Remember followers, its always okay to mix and match your splurges and steals!


Lola said...

I love your bag girl :)

GIGI B said...

I agree...a pop of red is brilliant. Work it!

GDFierce xoxo

mary said...

Super cute, I find your outfits very inspiring

iUnderEye said...

Loving your interpretation of Nicoles look. You totally make it your own. x


Venus In Virgo said...

UH! I wish I could afford that Chanel bag! ;(
Great pics and photo XOXO

Rachel said...

I love Nicole's look and yours as well! You both look fabulous! :)