Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let's get sequined up!

It's about that time of year to join friends and family for Christmas and New Year's Eve parties. My first response is always, " What am I going to wear?!"

Nicole's fans, including myself are obsessed with the Winter Kate Gold Sequin dress. Nicole wore this dress for the New Year's Eve 2010 party at LAVO in Las Vegas. Although Nicole's dress was custom made, it's actually been added to the Winter Kate collection! Unfortunately with the $795 price tag, this dress is sure to put a dent in my wallet!

Nicole Richie at LAVOSome of the great Looks for Less sequin dresses...

  1. Knitted Rose Sequin Tunic $250

  2. Backless Sequin Dress by Rare $96

  3. Antik Batik mini dress $401.25 (no longer available)

Nicole hasn't been the only celebrity rocking a sequin dress. Kim Kardashian wore the Antik Batik mini dress on the red carpet.

You can also opt for a pair of sequin shorts:
Gold sequin shorts or Blue sequin shorts both available at TopShop for $90.

You are able to purchase Nicole Richie's Winter Kate Dress at Boutique to You, Trend Boutique, Singer22, Tobi and Neiman Marcus.

What will you be wearing this holiday season??


Toni said...

OMG I really want that dress haha :)
And I actually want a pair of gold sequin shorts now ;)

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...


Lexie maddenrichie said...

Aaaaah in topshot all the dress are sold out :-( and the short. So bad