Thursday, December 16, 2010


While shopping with a friend at Nordstrom, I always have to check out the Savvy Department. First thing I noticed was one of the mannequins wearing the Winter Kate 'Dixie' dress. "No Way! I shouted!" The Nordstrom we have typically never has any Winter Kate pieces. Lucky for me Nordstrom was having their Half-Yearly Sale and the dress was ON SALE! Do you have to ask!? Of course I bought the dress!
This is the only photo of Nicole I found wearing the Dixie dress. Pictured below is another photo of myself at a local fashion party.

The dress is originally $225, but because I purchased it during the Half-Yearly Sale I only paid $99.90.

My favorite part about Nicole's clothing line is you can dress up the pieces or dress it down. I have worn my dress with a scarf, slouchy hat, and knee high boots but also with heels and lots of jewelry.

The Winter Kate Chiffon 'Dixie' Dress is also available in Red and Gray.

Which one is your favorite color of the Dixie Dress?!

*Photo of the other colors of the Winter Kate Dixie dress from Shopbop.


Anonymous said...

wow you look amazing (i'll receive the same dress this week in blue) i think blue is the best color, and red could be great too.
Xoxo. Love your blog <3 You're beautiful
Lexie (maddenrichie in twitter)

Venus In Virgo said...

Looks really good on :) I love the blue but that gray look s just as nice XOXO

Toni said...

Woo! I love it :)
You can Nicole look so alike in that photo!

Toni said...