Monday, November 8, 2010


Nicole Richie posted the following pictures on her site showing off her latest obsession. It was a beautiful leather studded jacket from the Simone Collection by Katie Nehra.

While searching for a "Look For Less" to Nicole's Simone Leather Jacket, I found a couple of websites showing the same sort of jacket. The following pictures and numbered list will guide you with finding your favorite LOOK FOR LESS LEATHER JACKET....

    1. Trouve Leather Studded Motorcycle Jacket $298 sale $118 Nordstrom
    2. Material Girl Studded Jacket $78 Macy's
    3. Studded Faux Leather Jacket $48.50 Forever 21
    4. Pyramid Studded Jacket $27.80 Forever 21
    I came across jacket #3 while shopping in Forever 21 and I was ecstatic since it looked like Nicole's!! I LITERALLY dropped everything and purchased it right away!

    Here are two ways I love to wear my Simone Leather LOOK FOR LESS Jacket!
    Over a tribal printed maxi for an edgy bohemian look:
    Nicole Richie in London leaving G-A-Y Nightclub.
    After the Salon

    • Jacket: Faux Leather Jacket $48.50 Forever21 OR Pyramid Studded Jacket $27.80 Forever 21
    • Dress: Printed Maxi Dress $24.60 Forever 21 (no longer available)
    OR over a short casual dress for a relaxed look:

    Nicole Richie at Sydney Airport
    Amsterdam Airport
    * Please Note the photos of Nicole Richie are from you official website.


    Venus In Virgo said...

    Gorgeous pieces! Thanks for all the product info XOXO

    mary said...

    I like the second outfit and that jacket is soooo cool:)

    Rhiannon Angharad said...

    i LOVE this jacket its my mission to find it!!!
    so excited that its actually in a store and i know where to find it :)