Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunnies Yes please!

During Nicole Richie's visit to Australia this past June, she and Pete Wentz along with some friends made a trip the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. What to wear on a casual day trip to the zoo? Well, Nicole wore a simple white tee, flare jeans, and polished it off with the feather print cardigan from Winter Kate. Nicole added the one accessory every girl needs....a great pair of SUNGLASSES! As you can see, I'm a huge fan of the over sized sunglasses.
Nicole wore a pair of Ksubi 'Bellatrix' sunglasses, that range for $309 NZ about $326, you can purchase these sunglasses at

You can purchase the round black sunglasses I'm wearing at Sunglasswarehouse for only $13.56! WOW! What a steal! Of course I'm also wearing the House of Harlow Abalone pendant $80 available

Here are some more images of Nicole Richie wearing the Ksubi 'Bellatrix' sunglasses BUT hold on..Nicole Richie isn't the only celebrity in tinseltown who's a fan of the oval sunglasses! Celebrities such as Rachel Zoe and Mary-Kate Olsen have been spotted wearing them as well.

Are you a fan of these sunglasses?!


Lola said...

I lov the BIG sunglasses but I'm nearsighted :). But I like that and that go to you very well as to Nicole

Fashions Not A Luxury said...

Lovely! These are the sunnies that are being called the Willy Wanka Sunglasses. Willy Wanka Movie. Love R's Lens Tint. cute and Great Bargain x Ari

silviasiantar said...

love your blog. following you and linking you on my blog.

check out my daily reads section. i put you under inspirations