Sunday, June 13, 2010

to TIE DYE for!

Remember the tie dye bag Nicole always carried around while she was with Harlow? Ever wanted it?! Well, after looking at my go to Nicole Richie site Nicole Richie News, I found a way to make my own. Following the steps that were provided to me, I was well on my way to MY VERSION of Nicole's bag.
Nicole with baby Harlow :) - and Me with my cousin in New York

Nicole's bag is a Cammie Hill tie dye bag, which retails for about $400!

My bag is a "SillyBilly Creation", which I made for $20!

What you need: 100% Canvas Cotton White or Beige Bag/Tote, Color Dye, Squirt (Squeeze) Bottles and Rubber Bands. You can also find tie dye kits at any local arts and craft store.

Step 1 - Pre-wash a canvas cotton bag in warm water, then ring out most of the water. The bag should be damp when you begin dyeing it

Step 2 - Prepare the dye. Separate each color into different squirt bottles, depending on the colors you prefer you can dilute the powder with water for lighter pastel colors or adding more powder for brighter colors

Step 3 - Rubber band sections of the bag in any pattern you like. Or you can free hand waves of color in a horizontal motion

Step 4 - Begin dipping the rubber-banded sections into different colors, overlapping the colors to make the bag unique

Step 5 - After dyeing the bag, ball the bag and tightly place into plastic bag. Leave overnight so the colors can settle and not bleed. In the morning take out the tie dyed bag and hang to further its drying process.

Step 6- Add your personal belongings and enjoy your new one of a kind tie dye bag!

Now you have your very own version of Nicole's bag for much less!! [Note: To accommodate my surroundings/environment I had to change a few steps around from the original found on Nicole Richie News.]


Lola said...

I always looked for a bag as for that but I have never found there I shall ask you almost to make me one :)

Richie Riches for Less said...

Aww.. Well I will be more than happy to make you one, and when I go to Holland in a couple months ship it from there, if you would like? :)

Lola said...

ooooh gosh thank you it's very nice.
I don't know what to say so it is very kind from your part of:)