Sunday, May 23, 2010


In 2007, sophomore year of high school, I was invited to a Sweet 16. The party was "Celebrity Themed", so everyone was asked to dress up like their favorite celebrity! I, of course, went as Nicole Richie. I brought in a photo of Nicole to the MAC make-up artist Ashley and asked her to recreate the look. The picture shown above is look I wanted because it would match perfectly with my purple dyed dress. The inspiration for this "look-a like" was the cover of Nicole's "The Truth About Diamonds" book. Ashley did a amazing job, it looked just like Nicole's!

But my look wasn't complete just yet! We all know Nicole has numerous tattoos. My friends sister-in-law is a great graphic artist, who hand drew a few of Nicole's 'famous' tattoos! She drew the angel wings (on my shoulder blades), the shooting star (on my wrist), "Virgin" (on right inner wrist) and the rosary (around the ankle).

When I arrived at the party everyone knew right away I was Nicole Richie! There was even a Paris Hilton look-a like. Loves it.

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Lola said...

i have 2 tatoos and i have this tatoo :)