Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Night for Fashion

PROM SEASON?!! Girls, I know exactly how you feel, I was in your shoes last year. I had no idea what type of prom dress I wanted to wear to my senior prom. Let me ask you this, have you ever seen a celebrity wearing something and thought, I want that?! Well, when I saw Nicole Richie at the Conde Nast's Fashion Rock's event in 2007, that was my thought exactly.

Knowing Nicole attended the Fashion Rocks event, I immediately needed to see more pictures for inspiration. After some fun Internet searches, I found out she was wearing a Roberto Cavalli dress. I knew it would be impossible to find the exact dress in time for my prom. BUT I knew I wanted a dress that resembled hers whether it was the color or print. Its easy to find something you know will look great when the person who inspired the outfit is the same body type! SIDE NOTE: Nicole was preggers when this was taken, and I most definitely was not! The dress I found was the closest resemblance of Nicole's. What do you think, did I get it right?!

Nicole Richie Fashion Rock's 2007
  • Roberto Cavalli

Me all ready for the Prom 2009

"The dress must follow the body of the women, not the body following the shape of the dress" -Hubert de Givenchy